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Welcome back to our regularly scheduled program, everyone! I had a marvelous time exploring the California Redwoods last week, with spectacular views, lots of beautiful hikes, and a few solid days of very little time in front of a screen.

I jumped right back into a busy week upon returning -- I'm finishing this newsletter issue while on a train to Day 2 of CMX Summit -- and while hectic, it's been a great way to build on the inspiration I felt last week in the redwoods. I'm excited about heading into next week with all sorts of new ideas and tactics to better serve and grow the various communities I'm a part of.

I hope you are all feeling equally inspired these days, whether because of time off or an awesome conference. I'd love to hear about it if you are! And if you're not feeling particularly inspired, perhaps the articles below will help. As always, I enjoy hearing your feedback and suggestions about what types of articles and topics would be most beneficial to you in your professional journey. Drop me a line anytime.

Mary (@mary_grace)
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