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Travel season for DevRel folks is starting to ramp up, just in time for the spike in travel tips that last year's analysis showed! My theory is that as people hit the road, they run into their travel pet peeves, finesse their habits, and perfect their packing lists. So this year, I’m collecting the best of the best posts to help you get ahead of the game. No need to realize all of the things you wish you had known after the fact. You’ll be all prepped and ready to go, giving you the headspace to focus on far more important tasks required of you.

Whether you’re like Alex Walling, who loves travel and thrives in new environments or you find travel solidly on the exhausting side of the range that he mentions in his blogpost, you’ll find packing lists and recommendations for the best travel websites as well as how to create a travel policy for your team, and a form to hand your airplane seatmate to inform them of your desired outcome for the flight.

No matter if you’re currently on a plane, trying to make sense of your upcoming travel, or enjoying a relaxing week at home, I hope this issue gives you a different lens to view travel from in the future. And as always, if you’re interested in keeping up with these “best of” issues over time, hop on over to DevRel Weekly's Patreon page, where I make sure these issues stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest info about each topic.

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How do I stay healthy while traveling?

One of the most difficult parts of traveling is sticking with routines and new habits, especially when they're health-related. There are always excuses that make it easy to ignore our good intentions!

David McKay and Brian Vermeer crowd-sourced suggestions via Twitter. From compiling a short but effective workout routine to do in the hotel room (no need to pack workout clothes!) to finding healthy snacks that you can slip into your bag to eliminate hunger-induced snacking, there's sure to be something helpful for everyone in these threads.

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How do we make DevRel more sustainable?

One topic that has come up multiple times in 2019 is the need to make the DevRel industry more sustainable. This of course applies to metrics and the value we provide to the business, but more importantly, it addresses the impact of our hectic schedules. It's clear we can't continue charging ahead, relying on a quiet week here or there to regain our energy.

Matthew Revell addresses a number of reasons why travel seems to be at the top of everyone's list these days, suggesting we should reconsider our DevRel strategy if we find ourselves on the road too often.

As I mentioned in a previous "Best Of" issue on Burnout, Jim Bennett reminds us that if we're traveling for work, it should be considered work time which we should, in turn, be compensated for. And we all need to be aware of the signs that perhaps we've been on the road for too long.

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How do we make DevRel more sustainable (for the earth)?

When booking upcoming travel and debating adding "just one more trip" to the schedule, it's not only our own sustainability we need to be aware of. As we continue to rack up flight miles, more people are stopping to consider the impact our travel has on the environment.

Mickey Boxell wrote up a practical piece on how to cut back on your carbon footprint when flights are necessary, and how to take other forms of transit when you're able to. This line resonated with me:

Control what you can control and make a difference where you can.

I also appreciated the stance that Don Goodman-Wilson took at the beginning of this year, reminding us that there are opportunities to connect with your community without traveling very far at all:

This year I aim to be more thoughtful with my #DevRel travel:

• take the train whenever possible
• avoid travel that requires flying
• do more with remote-friendly events
• focus more on what’s already close to me

I challenge you to do the same.

As you plan your travel for 2020, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

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