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This has been a busy week in DevRel Weekly land! Between CMX Summit and DevRel/Japan, Twitter was buzzing with observations about community building from around the world.

In addition, folks were busy writing up fantastic content, including tips on how to secure executive buy-in for your strategy and how to ramp up your speaking abilities, in addition to what a day in the life of a DevRel professional can look like.

Before I let you dig into all of this awesome content, there are two slightly off-topic items that I want to make sure you don't miss:

First, I've been following along with the work that Krunch Data has been doing over the last few months and I have to say, I'm incredibly excited about the beta launch of this product! It has the potential to drastically improve the landscape of metrics within DevRel teams. They posted a sneak peek of their work on Twitter this week, and I'm excited to see what happens next.

Second, there's a fantastic Kickstarter that's almost reached its goal (and its deadline). Kara Carrell is creating a "Non-binary Folks in Tech Zine" that highlights the integral work that they're doing all across the tech landscape. Help fund the Kickstarter and spread the word to your tech friends before it ends on Sept 21. Thanks to Andy Tuba for making me aware of this opportunity!

Lastly, there was a typo in last week's newsletter when I accidentally typed "rabbit" instead of "rabbi" in the list of recent DevRel conference talks. I've confirmed with Ben that his background was not, indeed, as a rabbit, but in fact, as a rabbi. My sincere apologies for the typo.

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DevRel / Japan Conference Recap

After realizing that we were inundated with over 1400 additional tweets this week as a result of DevRel/Japan (WOW!), Kate reached out to the organizers to get a recap. Their biggest takeaway was learning from DevRel case studies in a variety of companies and communities.

In their own words:

DevRel/Japan Conference was happening on the 7th September in Tokyo! The conference was hugely successful, we got 100+ attendees, 1400+ tweets! The highlight of the event was that 16% of attendees were management level, we could reach out to those people that we cannot talk at general meetups. Next DevRel Conference in Japan is happening on the 29th February 2020, DevRelCon Tokyo! We are waiting for your CFPs/RSVPs. Thanks!

2019年9月7日に東京で開催されたDevRel/Japan Conference 2019は、参加者数100名超、ツイート数が1400を超え、オンラインでもオフラインでも大きく盛り上がりました。経営層の参加が16%と高い数値を出しており、普段のミートアップには参加しない層にアプローチできるのもカンファレンスならではであると感じました。日本のDevRel関連のイベントとして、来年の2月29日にDevRelCon Tokyo 2020が開催予定です。

Stay tuned for more information about the 2020 event, coming soon!

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