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This week brought a lot of trends, including this prediction from David Spinks that influencers would change from creating audiences to creating communities.

It also brought increased conversations about the need for greater understanding of the technical role of Developer Advocates.

Lastly, it brought travel (for me, at least). I'm finishing up this issue of the newsletter while sitting at the Pittsburgh airport, having spent the week at Abstractions Conference. I'll be offline this coming week, taking some much-needed time away from my computer, but rest assured that there will be a "Best Of" issue hitting your inbox next week.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back online soon!

Mary (@mary_grace)
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P.S. If you'll be at CMX Summit let me know! I'd love to meet you in person for high-fives and hellos.

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Conference Round-up

These past few weeks have been packed full of conferences! Here are highlights from a few that we noticed have a DevRel bent to them.


The Write/Speak/Code Conference (a conference focused on visibility and leadership for technologists with marginalized genders) happened last weekend in the Palace of Fine Arts, SF. Here are three of Kate's takeaways and thoughts:

  • Write - Your voice is unique. Write about what you want, even if you’re the 5th, 6th, 20th post on the subject. You never know who might learn because of your teaching. - @techgirl1908
    -Kate Pond
  • Speak - Fave takeaways from @LearningNerd ’s “An introvert’s step-by-step guide to public speaking:”
    (1) say hi to # of ppl
    (2) go on a run to lower anxiety
    (3) PowerPoint parties - great practice on giving fun informal presentations
    (4) Teaching & talking to people in public = public speaking
  • Code - Want your Open Source (OS) project to be successful? Think about building a welcoming & empathetic community, and think about working on your contribution documentation. What other things should someone think about in order to make a successful OS project?
    -Kate Pond

Want more takeaways from the Write/Speak/Code Conference? Check out #WSC2019Conf


My top @swarmconf takeaways this year:
1/ It’s time for community managers to step up & shape our shared future
2/ Show your work, own your narrative & share your stories
3/ Owned communities are untapped power that can & should push back on social media

-Venessa Paech

In addition to awesome takeaways in the #SwarmConf19 hashtag, SwarmConf attendees took collaborative notes throughout the conference, which is a fantastic idea for any event organizers!

Open Source Summit North America

From the newest developments in the Open Source world to talks about community leadership and metrics, the conversations at Open Source Summit North America were buzzing. Check out the hashtag to see some of the highlights.


There were so many DevRel-related tangents at Abstractions this week that I lost track of the number of relevant tidbits. Lucky for you, many of them were recorded for posterity. Check out the #abstractionscon hashtag along with #abstractionsconf.

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