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hi everyone! I'm back after two weeks of both my pup and I being under the weather (hence the skip week last week). I'm pleased to say we're both on the mend and getting up to speed with our various tasks!

We've got a few DevRel Weekly sponsors that I'd like to highlight before I let you dive into all of the great content.

  • If you're hunting for a new job and looking to take a step slightly outside of DevRel, this Developer Experience Product Management job from InterSystems might be a good place to start! I've been privy to a lot of conversations about what to do post-DevRel lately, so this role is particularly fascinating to me. Stay tuned for a Community Pulse episode about this topic as well.
  • Frontier Podcast is back with another fantastic episode, this time focusing on event organization.
  • Lastly, CMX Summit has graciously extended a 15% off discount code for any DevRel Weekly readers. Just use devrel-is-great at checkout. I hope to see you there!

With that, let's dive into the content...

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