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Conference season is a busy time for everyone. Things fall through the cracks and sometimes priorities need to be reshuffled. I chose to reshuffle things this past week in between recovering from one trip, planning two workshops for clients, speaking at a conference, and preparing for the trip that I'm leaving on today. 😰

Needless to say, the newsletter was one of the things that got dropped. While I'm frustrated that decision needed to be made, I'm proud of myself for keeping to my prioritization shelf metaphor and focusing on the top priorities, the most important of which is taking care of myself.

I'll be pulling together Thursday's newsletter amidst travel over the next few days -- finding all of the best snippets of information for you from all over the interwebs. As always, if you've found something particularly awesome that you think I should include, be sure to let me know and I'll include a shout-out!

Until Thursday,
-Mary (@mary_grace)

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