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Hi all!

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the DevRel Weekly newsletter and how I can make it even better. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my somewhat rambly thread about this thought process yesterday.

TL;DR: this newsletter plays a fairly large role in fulfilling my business goal of providing resources for folks in the DevRel industry, but I've realized that I haven't openly solicited feedback about it. While a handful of you have reached out proactively on occasion, I've realized that I have to ask the same question of all of you that I encourage my clients to ask:

Is the content that I'm providing for my community actually fulfilling their needs?

That all led me to create a short survey which will hopefully help me better understand all of you as well as give this newsletter the attention that it deserves from week to week! Please take a moment to fill it out.

You'll find that it's a mixture of feedback about the newsletter as well as information about yourself so I can better tailor the content to fit my audience. Thank you so much for bring one of my loyal subscribers and for being a part of this awesome developer avocado community!

-Mary (@mary_grace)

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