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Happy end to another week, DevRel friends! I hope your week was exciting, enjoyable, and altogether not too stressful. I'm coming at you with more great content this week, including how DevRel is not the same industry as Developer Marketing.

This is one of many confusing areas (including job titles, team names, and technical/non-technical requirements, among others) where terms have become conflated. As we continue to standardize DevRel practices in our still-emerging industry, it's important to remember that the words we use are important. Making sure that everyone in your company is on the same page about your team and the value you provide is an important step in ensuring your success within the organization.

One quick thing before I let you start clicking away: Kate and I will be working on the next "Best Of" issues in the coming weeks and I'd love to hear what topics you're most interested in learning more about. My inbox is open as always! Hope to hear from you soon.

Mary (@mary_grace)
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