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hi DevRel friends! Long time, no see. Sorry for the gap in content these last few weeks -- I had some back-to-back conferences and then got hit hard by a whopper of a cold that I'm still recovering from. 😰

Kate and I have sorted through close to 3,000 links and I've narrowed it down to the top 10 for you (with a few bonus links here and there).

Special thanks to our new sponsors Spotify, Testim, and Hasura. Be sure to check out their job openings below!

Before I let you dig into the links below, there's one thing I wanted to highlight: Rachel Happe from The Community Roundtable is planning for next year's State of Community Management report and wants to know what topics you want them to pursue. This report continues to be the best in the industry, helping us not only understand the greater picture, but better represent ourselves to management. Let her know what you want to hear.

Til next week!
Mary (@mary_grace)
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