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As I mentioned in Issue 1, I have a journalism background, so when people start making analogies about how DevRel is first and foremost storytelling, it makes my heart happy. Needless to say, my heart is ecstatic, because storytelling is definitely woven through the resources from this past week!

We've got stories from the trenches about what to look for when hiring a DevRel team, how to fit all the puzzles pieces together, and why storytelling should be in the 'best practices' toolbox for any community manager.

There are also stories that you can pull from the raw data to fit your particular developer audience, as well as stories yet to be written at conferences and events still to come.

My storytelling senses are tingling now, so you'll excuse me as I go create more resources and leave you to the newsletter. Enjoy, and as always, feel free to send me any feedback, comments, questions, or concerns: [email protected].

-Mary Thengvall, @mary_grace

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