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Given that everyone's experience is different, trying to figure out the most simple and straightforward way to present your material is a difficult task. So difficult, in fact, that there's a whole industry being created around it these days: developer experience. There's a lot of overlap with DevRel and DevEx, and this week, we'll delve into some of those overlapping areas.

From simple and straightforward principles to learning how to use our influence in ways that will impact the greater experience, we'll explore DevEx from a lot of angles, including, per usual, that of the avocado. What's the biggest takeaway? At the end of the day, it's your community's experience that matters.

In other news, if you're going to be at SCaLE be sure to let me know -- I'm heading down there on Thursday and would love to meet up! Enjoy the newsletter and I look forward to chatting more soon.

Mary Thengvall, @mary_grace

DevRel Weekly  

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#ESNchat Gems of the Week

ESNchat blew it out of the water again this week. Here are a few of my favorite tweets around community management:

Regarding titles:

Being a community manager means #storytelling 😍 communication of the community history, sharing values and also asking for them. Building something. It should be community builder/grower not community manager maybe? 😀
Isabell Gru

[Community managers are] influencers. Their power comes from bring able to read the tea leaves in the #ESN to understand what course of action to take to correct course, or to do even more of the good stuff.
Rita Zonius

For you #cmgr's out there you have so much more influence than you realise, you really are leaders for change :)
Dan Thomas

On the powers of observation that community managers so often have:

Insatiable curiosity will lead a #cmgr to observe complex human interrelationships & the influence certain actions have on the whole.
Noah Sparks

[Being able to identify different personalities and behaviors] will help the #CMGR recognize and praise the kinds of behaviors they want to see in their community, and reinforce the kinds of things that will build a strong and resilient community.
Amy Dolzine

We've done studies on what inspires people to collaborate and it really is different depending on business area / risk appetite / leadership / behaviours / emotions. Great #cmgr's have a sense for what will convert people and how and keeping it relevant and value adding.
Dan Thomas


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