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As we charge ahead into February, it seems as if people are realizing the need for sustainability not only in their personal work/life balance, but in their DevRel strategy as well. From maintaining consistent content and making sure our focus is on relationships instead of transactions to best practices for developer communities, everyone is trying to make sure that the plans they've laid out are manageable.

I too am realizing this, as speaking engagements start to crop up and travel took more out of me than I anticipated this past week. Balancing our workload isn't just about keeping an eye on the length of our to-do lists, but acknowledging what else is going on in our lives that week, both personal and professional. I'll be addressing this more in the days to come as I roll out a few changes to the newsletter, both behind the scenes and visibly.

The next issue marks one year since I started DevRel Weekly and I couldn't be more proud of this community. Thanks for your support, your encouragement, and your commitment to the greater DevRel community.

-Mary (@mary_grace)

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