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Welcome to Issue #4 of DevRel Weekly! There's a lot to sift through this week, from controversial topics to things we already know intrinsically, but don't ignore the little things -- sometimes they're the biggest key to unlocking community engagement. One encouragement: don't skip the tangent this week. I know that can be easy to do when it seems like we're going down a rabbit hole, but trust me. This rabbit hole is one that will lead to a lot of important questions that can shape the goals and direction of your Developer Relations team.

Speaking of rabbit holes... I heard from a few of you that you were disappointed by the lack of avocado fact last week. My apologies! Perhaps the fact was that my puns are ridiculously bad πŸ˜…Rest assured, there's a true Whopper of a fact this week.

Enjoy the newsletter, and as always, feel free to send me any feedback, comments, questions, or concerns: [email protected].

Mary Thengvall, @mary_grace

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