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Hello to all of my new subscribers! This may be the first "typical" DevRel Weekly issue you've seen up until this point, given my end-of-summer vacation followed by the hellish migraine from last week. If that's the case... welcome! I'm so glad you've joined us here.

In each issue I'll bring you an assortment of the top DevRel-related tweets and articles from the previous week, with a handful of articles from the archive thrown in as well. And don't forget the avocado mention in each issue. Why avocados? I'm so glad you asked! I happen to believe that Developer Advocates (and DevRel teams in general) are just like avocados. By using this analogy we can help our stakeholders understand the business value of our day-to-day jobs.

Speaking of avocados... the final cover for my book, The Business Value of Developer Relations, is live on Amazon, where it's available for pre-order! I'm looking for a handful of folks who might be interested in reading the PDF proof in the next week or two and posting a review on launch day -- if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, hit reply and let me know!

And with that... I'll leave you to the content for this week. I've curated a shorter list this time around, given the amount of content that's been released in the last month! I hope it's valuable for you, and as always, if there's something I've missed, shoot me a note to get it on my radar.

Mary, @mary_grace

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There were a slew of DevRel-related podcast episodes released this past month! From interviews with top DevRel executives to the state of our careers and everything in between, here's a round-up for you listen to:

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