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If you've known me for any amount of time, you know that I'm passionate about preventing burnout. Part of my "prevention arsenal" is learning to let go and allow others to step in and help, which is what these last few weeks have been about. I've let go of the reins temporarily so that when I return from vacation, I feel refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.

It's not an easy thing to do, that's for sure! It takes asking others to step up and sometimes seeking out specific individuals when people don't volunteer. It takes trusting someone else with your pet projects and knowing that they'll be able to provide value for your community, even if you're not at the helm. It's also about acknowledging that pit in your stomach that says someone else might do it differently, or even better.

But without a break -- without an opportunity to rest -- you'll simply be wearing yourself down until you're not able to provide true value anymore. Trust me; I've been there! So allow others to step up. Allow yourself to take a step back. Allow for the possibility that others have ideas that might succeed! And allow yourself to invest in something non-work-related for a time. Chances are, you'll come back more refreshed and ready to go, with new approaches and energy for your projects.

I'll be back next week with a round-up of the top tweets, articles, and information from the past three weeks, but in the meantime, I'm spending a bit more time reflecting, making plans, and getting some much-needed rest.

This week, I'm grateful for four amazing community leaders who have stepped up in my absence: Emmy McCarthy, Naomi Hattaway, Hod Greeley, and Manil Chowdhury. They've each taken the time to gather a few of their favorite DevRel and community-related links and share a little bit about their personal interests as well.

I'm also grateful to DevRel Weekly's newest sponsor: Samsung NEXT! If you're interested in data science, you'll want to check out their Deep Learning Developer Evangelist role.

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See you soon!
-Mary, @mary_grace

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Emmy McCarthy and Naomi Hattaway

First up in this week's collaborative issue are Emmy McCarthy and Naomi Hattaway, whose blogposts I've mentioned in past issues of DevRel Weekly. They like to joke that they are one brain split over two continents. After “meeting” on a podcast about community building they quickly realized that not enough people who actually steward thriving communities were talking about how they build and grow communities. They also realized how much they had to say about that. Emmy and Naomi believe that every individual is capable of making an impact on society but they often lack the support and information on how to do so.

Through #RedefiningCommunities, Emmy and Naomi hope to open up the conversation on the communities we are building, gather together the people creating impact through action, and provide a space for learning and growing together. Find them on Instagram (@redefiningcommunities) and Medium.

Here are a few of their favorite resources, including one of their own pieces!

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Hod Greeley

Next up is Hod Greeley, who I met years ago through the Community Leadership Summit. Hod currently works for Couchbase, a NoSQL database company, focused on their mobile product. He previously led the US Developer Ecosystem group at Samsung, which is where he first got into developer relations. Hod loves dev rel because of the variety of skills it requires. He also gets a huge kick out of seeing what people create.

Hod spends his spare time hacking the real world in various ways (starting a small orchard, fixing whatever breaks, woodworking) and enjoying his family. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.


Manil Chowdhury

While I've never met Manil in person, I'm incredibly thankful to him for reaching out when I first asked for volunteers to help out with the newsletter! His passion for developers is contagious, as you'll soon see. I'll let him introduce himself:

Hey hey! My name’s Manil. I develop software, community, and open source. DevRel to me is an extension of my making software. One day it hit me that all this could be one role. I work at Digitalist Global as a Software Developer.

Share stuff with me on Twitter! I’m @keywordnew. Right now I’m taking tips on making better tea. That’s the last cup I’ll burn!

He pulled together a few links around the theme of Advocating for Developers 101 💛 that I'm sure will hit close to home for all of us!

Like any other movement, we need solid foundations on which to build. This is a short list of three articles, all of which I find speak directly to what Developer Advocacy really is.

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Developer Avocados 🥑

Avocados are in Favor of Rest & Relaxation

Avocado mask anyone? While I'm not spending time at a spa this week, I approve of the use of avocados for rest and relaxation, even if that's simply adding them to your favorite recipe. I hope you're able to find some time to rest and relax this week amidst your busy schedule!

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