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For most of us involved in Developer Relations and community building, our passion for communities extends beyond our professional lives. This week, I'm off building a different kind of community with the help of a little amphibian called an axolotl.

While I'm out there, I'm also grateful for my professional community, who's keeping this newsletter going while I'm offline! Taylor Barnett is taking the reins this week, talking about everything from empathy-driven documentation to developer experience to what drives us to be involved in technical communities.

She's the lead Community Engineer at Stoplight, an API development platform for designing, mocking, testing, and documenting web APIs. Taylor gets an immense sense of fulfillment in helping people build and learn things while still getting to geek out in a specific area of technology. She wants to help someone do something they couldn’t do last week, and it’s why she does DevRel. In her free time, Taylor rock climbs with a badass group of women in the Austin area, hangs out with her corgi, Yoda, and tries to find the funkiest sour beers on the planet.

Thanks also to Docker, DevRel Weekly's newest sponsor. They're hiring a Senior Developer Advocate specializing in Java. Check out the full job description below!

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Avocados (and amphibians) need communities too. What's your favorite community outside of your day-to-day work? I'd love to hear what other communities you're involved in! HIt reply and let me know -- it'll be fun for me to read about when I'm back online.

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