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We all know that community building is an effective and important part of any developer-facing product, but how well are we communicating that effectiveness in business terms back to the stakeholders? We've talked in the past about how important storytelling is (communicating your successes back to the right stakeholders in terms that they understand in their contexts), but what about your strategy?

Without a short- as well as long-term strategy, you've lost your "north star" -- the thing you can point back to when you're unsure of what to do next or which metric to pursue. Without a strategy, you don't have a way to clearly illustrate how your goals align with other departments like Product, Marketing, and Engineering. Lastly, without a strategy, you run the risk of being reactive instead of proactive with regard to your community.

This week's newsletter includes a handful of articles about strategy, from content to member research and beyond. And a quick shameless plug: if you're looking for help with building out a strategy for your DevRel team (big or small, brand new or non-exsistent, and everything in between), let me know. I'd be happy to see how I can help!

Thanks to our newest sponsor, Algolia! Check out their Developer Advocate job posting today. Interested in featuring your job description here? See the DevRel Jobs section below for more information.

-Mary, @mary_grace

p.s. I'm still looking for a few more people to help me populate the newsletter with content while I'm gone at the end of August/beginning of September. Don't worry -- I'm not asking for you to duplicate all of this work 😅What I'm looking for is your top favorite articles/videos/blogposts about DevRel or something related to DevRel. If you've got one or more go-to articles, hit reply and let me know!

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