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Managing communities requires tough choices sometimes. Whether that's how you're handling a difficult situation in a community, deciding between tools, or prioritizing yourself over work, there's an often-present tension between what the "right" choice is. At some point we all need to realize that there isn't always "right" choice... there's simply a choice that is slightly better than the other. Figuring out where those priorities fit in advance is always helpful so you have a matrix with which to make those decisions down the road.

For me, the best matrix looks like this:
- community first
- company second
- prioritizing ourselves above all to prevent burnout

What's your go-to priority list when push comes to shove and you have to make a decision? I'd love to hear about it! Hit reply and let me know.

As you head into the weekend, don't forget to do something for you in addition to being there for your community. It'll make any difficult decisions that come your way next week that much easier to face.

-Mary, @mary_grace

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