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hi everyone! Apologies for the gap in the newsletter... this past 10 days have been significantly more challenging than I anticipated. 😅 We got 4+ feet of snow in 3 days up in the Sierra Mountains and I was solo-mountain woman'ing and dog momming (and dog sitting!) while the power went in and out (and in and out), so it's been a bit intense! But I learned a lot of good lessons and had an amazing community of neighbors to lean on, which I'm incredibly grateful for.

Let's jump into the awesome content y'all have been creating this last week and a half! A few themes became clear over the past few days:

  • With people leaving (or contemplating leaving) Twitter, there's a loss of community and people are struggling to find the next place to connect.
  • ChatGPT seems to be taking the internet by storm. I've seen a number of people talking about how valuable the insights can be from a DevRel and community standpoint. Learn more from Yoav Ganbar, Rohit Ghumare, and David Spinks.
  • I wasn't able to make DevRelCon this year, but I saw a lot of great highlights online! Catch the discussions on Twitter and check out these slides from Matty Stratton and Ben Greenberg.

Enjoy the rest of the great content linked below!

Mary (@mary_grace)
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p.s. The exodus from Twitter is changing the landscape of where people are sharing content and having discussions. While I know many of us are still engaging there, I'm curious to find out where else I should be looking for content and links... and how? Let me know where you've been finding your information lately!

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