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Happy middle of August, everyone! I've been writing "May <insert date>" for the past few weeks in my notebook, so I figured maybe if I actually wrote out the proper month, it would stick better in my brain 😆

I've been highly enjoying a leisurely week at a cabin in the middle of nowhere, on a 5-acre plot of land where my pup is living her best life and the mornings start with coffee on the porch. Next week I'm off on a camping trip, where I'll endeavor to continue the relaxation vibes that I've experienced this week.

I'll be taking a few weeks off of the newsletter as well, enjoying these last few weeks of summer as they bleed into fall here in the northern hemisphere. I'll see you all again on Sept 13 with a recap of the previous month and a look ahead at what 2022 might have to offer!

Mary (@mary_grace)
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