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Happy DevRel Weekly day, everyone! This past week started a few weeks of vacation for me, which is exactly what I need to rest, refuel, and come back ready to hit the ground running for the fall. If you haven't had an opportunity to take time off recently, I'd encourage you to find that time! As my manager said to me, you need more than just a few long weekends to truly disconnect from work and relax. Whether you're staying at home and binging Ted Lasso (which I (and Jenny Weigle) highly recommend doing!), venturing out on a solo camping trip, investing in hobbies, or something else entirely, it's important to take time for yourself.

If you're still going strong at work, more power to you! It's exciting to be part of a program where you're energized and engaged, ready to keep going because you're fueled by the work that you're doing on a daily basis.

No matter which end of the range you're at, this issue of DevRel Weekly is sure to be helpful for you. New frameworks, good practices, and global approaches await! Let's dig in.

Mary (@mary_grace)
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