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This week as I get word of more friends getting vaccinated and recover from my own vaccine reaction (hence the late newsletter!), I'm facing the question of "now what?" Do we immediately go back to in-person conferences and traveling every other week? Or do we ease back in, taking it slow and waiting to see how our minds, our bodies, our souls respond to the sudden change in pace?

My friend Jen Dary shared a PSA on her company Twitter the other day that really hit home:

You cannot expect your employees to get back on the horse as soon as they have shots in arms. What we have just collectively experienced (and are still experiencing) has been so deep that we will need a worldwide period of recovery.

What do you do in sports when you need recovery? You rest. You stretch softly. You nourish yourself. We will need the same things. We will need to rest, to take good care of our minds and bodies, to see friends and family and socialize. This is not lazy. This is recovery.

Make sure to take care of yourselves, your community members, your coworkers, your families, friends. We're all in this together but we may need to take things at different speeds for the next several months still, and that's ok.

Mary (@mary_grace)
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