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I'll be honest... this week was exhausting in a soul-heavy way. So many friends are going through difficult times. So many people are at their breaking point. And it's difficult to keep pushing through. The newsletter didn't go out earlier this week because I finally admitted I simply couldn't keep working on it in the evenings after my day-job was done. Then I found this article and felt like someone had taken a peek inside my soul.

Fatigue is when a muscle or the mind has been used almost to the point of failure and it requires rest to recuperate. Contrastingly, depletion is when our inner resources of energy have been drained... The way to treat depletion is with restoration, not with relaxation... This is why I think we are in the toughest phase of the pandemic, because we aren’t just exhausted — we are depleted. We are depleted because our usual channels of restoration are not readily available to us anymore.

Whew. Take a few deep breaths, friends. I'm right there with you.

This tweet from Dylan Gafner seemed particularly relevant right now as well:

Empathy can be a Community Managers greatest strength, but it can also become overwhelming. If you aspire to be a CM someday, make sure to invest in your mental health and happiness. Develop internal tools to de-stress and detox in moments of weakness. Never forget to breathe.

Breathe in, breathe out. Take a minute to settle into those emotions if you need to. It's been a rough 12 months, friends. Do what you need to take care of yourself, please. ❤️

Mary (@mary_grace)
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