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This week reminded us yet again that the core of Developer Relations is not, in fact, about building a following or becoming a tech celebrity, but about providing the best possible experience for our community. Sure, it's possible to do this and also have a large following, but the two are not dependent on each other. The amount of impact you can have on your community and for your company is not determined by the number of Twitter followers or Twitch subscribers. Nor is a resource innately more helpful if it's presented to a larger audience.

Can a larger personal brand result in additional awareness for your product? Absolutely! But hear me out: having a large following is not a requirement for DevRel professionals and I guarantee you can have an impact on individuals, your community, and your company without one. As I said on Twitter,

DevRel is far more than speaking or having a large following. Do some amazing DevRel folks fall into that category? Sure! But we all have different skills (some more outward, some relational/foundational), all of which create a well-rounded team that can best serve the community.

If you're feeling unsure about your impact as a DevRel professional, I'm always happy to talk. Feel free to drop some time on my calendar if you need someone to remind you of the value you bring to both your community and your company.

Sending virtual hugs your way this week, DevRel fam! πŸ€—

Mary (@mary_grace)
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