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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Apologies for the late newsletter this week -- a bad migraine had me down-and-out Sunday evening and all day Monday, but I'm hopeful for a better week ahead! As I mentioned last week, a friend and mentor recently sent me a postcard "Let's be belligerently hopeful," and despite everything that's happened this past week, that's still the direction I'm choosing to take with this year. I'm looking for the good right where I am rather than only looking forward at what's to come as I did during so much of 2020. I hope you're also able to find the joy where you are today, even if it's difficult.

There are a lot of great resources listed below for this week's issue. As people are getting up and running in the new year, I'm sure we'll have even more excellent pieces of content in the weeks to come! One item that I'd like to mention specifically is a recent report delivered by Ana Jimenez Santamaria. As part of her Master's Thesis she's pulled together a set of metrics and a segmentation model capable of quantifying the value of DevRel work within Open Source. Be sure to check out the resources she's made available!

Mary (@mary_grace)
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