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hi DevRel fam! Welcome to our first newsletter of 2021 😊🎉

I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable end-of-year celebration and is feeling refreshed as we start off the new year. With that said, I know just because 2020 is over doesn't mean January 1st was suddenly easier -- we're still in the midst of difficult times and have some difficult days still ahead of us. I got a postcard from a mentor and friend this week that said "Let's be belligerently hopeful" and while I don't usually have a "catch phrase" or "word for the year" I may just adopt this one.

As we look back on what 2020 brought to the DevRel industry - moving conferences online, shifting our focus to digital content rather than in-person engagements, finding new ways to connect with our communities - we've seen DevRel mature in a number of ways, and I expect that growth will continue throughout 2021. I look forward to digging into trends and research in the days and weeks to come (stay tuned for a "state of DevRel resources" special edition of DevRel Weekly in Q1), but for now, there are a few other folks who have written about trends they're noticing and predictions they have for 2021:

For those of you who are entering this year feeling worn down, "stuck," or feeling like you can't take a break from your community to take care of yourself, I'd encourage you to take a deep breath and then force yourself to take a step back. Both you and your community will be better for it if you take care of yourself first. Brian Oblinger had a great thread around this right before Christmas, a time during which many community managers are feeling guilty for taking time away from their online communities. Rachel Happe summarized it in this way:

If your community can't live without you, you have a co-dependent and unhealthy relationship. Not healthy for the community manager, not healthy for the community.

If you haven't already, I'd encourage you to check out the "Best Of" issue from March 2019 when I covered the topic of burnout. To borrow a phrase from Community Manager Advancement Day, coming up on Jan 25, we can all use to increase our resilience in 2021.

With that, let's dive into the content I've collected below from the last few weeks of 2020 -- hopefully it will be an encouragement to you as we look ahead to a new year of serving our communities!

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