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Hi everyone ❀️ It's been a challenging week in more ways than one and I know many of you feel the same. Carter Gibson's tweet felt very relevant -- we could all use a little more love and grace (for ourselves as well as those around us) right now.

I hope you've found a way to give yourself extra grace this week - whether through giving yourself permission to do something just for you, taking some time off of work, staying away from news briefings, or cuddling up with your animals and/or significant others.

Per usual, there's a lot of great content to scroll through, from building a stronger community to growing your own personal brand. Also, if you have a few extra minutes to help out the industry, be sure to fill out the DevRel salary survey (more info here). If you're based in Australia, it's also the last chance to take the 2020 Australian Community Managers Survey so be sure to get your experience recorded!

Here's hoping for a good week for everyone πŸ€—

Mary (@mary_grace)
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