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Hi DevRel fam! It's been a chaotic month for me, and from the conversations I've been having with other community members, I'm not the only one navigating this chaos. Apologies for the lack of updates lately -- I appreciate your patience! Between the close of one quarter, the start of another, and the addition of a new baby to the DevRel Weekly staff (congrats, Kristen!), it's been a struggle to keep up.

Buckle up though -- we're back this week with a fantastic set of resources for you, from new reports to great Twitter discussions and new content from yours truly, there's a lot to take in!

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DevRel Industry Resources

This has been the month for new resources! There have been several survey results released, along with a handful of new books that I'm excited to read and a collection of links about metrics for DevRel professionals. I'd encourage you to set aside some time this coming week to dig into these resources and invest in your own professional development.

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DevRel Tools

If you're in the market for new tools, you're in luck! The landscape for DevRel and Community tooling has changed drastically over the past 12 months and there are many more to come. Here are two tools that I've been digging into lately:

  • Krunch: An analytics platform that gives you insight into your community's questions, interests, and opinions.
  • Orbit: A community experience platform (think upscale, intuitive CRM) with a web interface that connects to GitHub and Twitter and an API that can connect to... well, anywhere your imagination (and skills 😉 ) chooses!

While I haven't tried this tool from Patrick Collins yet, it's piqued my interest! It does a quick scrape of Devpost to pull whatever submissions have code related to your projects. Whether you're running or participating in online hackathons, or simply observing, it's a great way to gauge the popularity of your products and may result in new code samples that you hadn't previously considered!

This collection from Commsor is a great representation of the breadth of tooling that is now available (45% of them are less than 3 years old!). Have fun exploring the new tools at your disposal.

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