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hey DevRel fam. Happy weekend!

It's been a busy week for me with some exciting work projects (stay tuned for a blogpost or two coming soon!). It's also been a full week of learning. During my morning break (I manage an international team, so I work a split schedule) I've been working on a puzzle and listening to Seeing White, a podcast series from Scene On. The puzzle keeps my hands busy and lets my brain focus on all of the history that is presented, much of which I'm hearing for the first time! I'd highly recommend you dig in, no matter your background or geographic location.

This morning I had the privilege of co-hosting our second Community Pulse LIVE! episode. When we started planning this live episode at the beginning of May, we weren't sure what our topic was going to be, but it quickly became clear in these past two weeks. As a result, this morning's topic focused on how we in DevRel can use our platforms to address systemic racism.

We talked at length about how we can address explicit as well as implicit racism when we see it, as well as how we can use our speaking and writing skills to help educate those around us (hat tip to Taylor Barnett who I believe first brought up that idea). For those of you who are looking for tangible things you can do, this is a good place to start: Educate ourselves (the podcast I mentioned above is a great resource and there are a lot of other great resources listed in the Community Pulse show notes), and then use your research, writing, and speaking skills to help educate and support others.

What else am I missing? Are there other items that DevRel professionals are uniquely positioned to help with right now? Let me know.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and don't forget to take care of yourself. Until next week!

Mary (@mary_grace)
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