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DevRelCon London introduced all sorts of new concepts to us this past week, including how to be a SaaS company during the holidays (Santa as a Service). It also brought us many common themes, including metrics, fighting burnout, and creating inclusive communities. There were also many difficult (but necessary) conversations surrounding the ethical responsibilities that we as Developer Relations professionals must face.

This week's newsletter brings you a taste of DevRelCon, from the Twitter conversations to blog recaps to published slidedecks (many with extensive speaker notes!). If you weren't able to attend, I hope it gives you a taste of the event and helps satisfy your desire for additional resources until the videos are released!

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled content next week. See you then!

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There are a few folks who either published full recaps of the conference or maintained a single tweet thread throughout the entire day. If you're looking for more content, you can take a deep dive in these links:

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