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This was an interesting two weeks in DevRel-related content land! There were a lot of articles that were tangentially related to DevRel industry news, from Microsoft's focus on open source and developer experience to YouTube's new content standards.

I also saw a surprising number of articles naming community care (instead of self-care) as a solution to loneliness, which made me wonder if Mental Health Awareness Month has led us to a place of too many pithy refrains (treat yo'self being one of my favorites) and not enough practical solutions. Relatedly, there have been a handful of blogposts exploring the idea that online relationships are simultaneously helpful in preventing loneliness while also a possible cause for loneliness. We live in interesting times! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this complicated matter.

Special thanks to our new sponsor this week, Gun.io. They've been producing a great podcast that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I've called out one of my favorite episodes below. Be sure to click through and subscribe!

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Mary (@mary_grace)
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