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These past two weeks have been full of signs that things are slowly starting to change for Developer Relations and Community Management across the industries.

As Rachel Happe said, "We're at the awkward, bumpy stage," which means we're getting more attention but stakeholders are still wary of giving us more responsibilities.

David Spinks reminded us that "community is the future of business" has always been a part of the CMX vision statement, but now, it seems like that might be more of a reality than an aspiration. As he said, "The shift is happening."

And then came April Fools' Day, when Developer Mode reminded us of International Developer Relations Day, the one day when stakeholders across the industry unanimously agree that DevRel has business value. 😏While the wish of "everyone just accepts what we do as valuable" may be too much to hope for yet, the suggestions they gave for how those around us could celebrate the day were downright perfect, including my favorite: "If you are a conference lanyard, please stop twisting around and facing the wrong way."

In addition to all of the trend-spotting, there was a lot of great content published! I've attempted to group the various articles into categories to cut down on the length of this issue, but even so, there's a lot to dig into, so I'll let you get to it. Here's to having a great rest of your week and a restful weekend!

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