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Welcome to the first DevRel Weekly theme newsletter! Unlike other issues of DevRel Weekly, this issue isn't a look at what happened in the past week, but rather a collection of top tips, articles, tutorials, and advice on how to not only survive, but thrive, giving technical talks on stage. As we find ourselves at the beginning of yet another spring conference season, reviewing these evergreen articles from our peers is a great way to refresh our skills and give us a new perspective on how to manage this portion of our careers.

I've organized the articles in a story arc that will take you from submitting CFPs to implementing post-conference feedback and everything in between. Not sure if public speaking is your thing? I've got you covered there as well. Don't have time to peruse every article today but want the soup-to-nuts version? Take your pick of two comprehensive articles.

This being the very first themed newsletter since I started DevRel Weekly over a year ago, I expect you'll have some feedback! Don't hesitate to hit reply and let me know what you think. Whether it's a suggestion for the next theme, thoughts about the format, or additional articles on speaking that you think should be included, I'd love to hear about it!

Wishing you could bookmark this to refer back to months down the road? That's the #1 perk of the DevRel Weekly Patreon! I'll be posting all of these theme newsletters there for my patrons and updating them periodically as I come across additional articles that are relevant.

Without further ado... let's dive into the world of speaking.

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Tangibles 🤓

Speaking 101

Don't have time to read through all of this information before your talk on Monday? No sweat. Take a look at these two comprehensive articles about speaking, from submitting the best possible CFP to delivering a world-class speech:

-The Ultimate Guide to Memorable Tech Talks. This 7-part guide from Nina Zakharenko takes a deep dive into not only how to give a fantastic talk, but how to choose the right topic and manage your time wisely along the way.

-On Conference Speaking. Hynek Schlawack lays out his 10 phases of speaking in this example-driven essay. His preparation technique is one that I aspire to recreate in my own talk prep routine!

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The Fear of Public Speaking

Many of us are familiar with the butterflies that hit our stomach 30 minutes before we go on stage. Some folks handle these butterflies with a specific warm-up routine to pump themselves up. Others focus on running through their talk over and over again, reminding themselves that they know what they're doing. Still others never feel these nerves at all!

But for those of us who do, they can be debilitating at times. So how do we learn to deal with them, or better yet, get rid of them entirely? These two articles from speaking veterans walk through a variety of suggestions that you can try before your next speaking gig. Let's go tackle those nerves!

-How to Manage Your Fear of Public Speaking. Sarah Milstein walks through clear-cut tips for how to mitigate nerves on the day of your talk, from making the audience look awesome to reducing adrenaline to planting yourself on stage.

-A 20 step plan to being viscerally horrified of public speaking and giving a talk anyway. Dave Josephsen shares his tried-and-true 20-step plan to getting through a public speaking engagement which anyone can implement, given that you have 3 weeks to prep, software with a “speaker notes” feature and an external faux-projector screen to practice with.

The Fear of Public Speaking  

Events 📆

Jobs 👩‍💻

Developer Avocados 🥑

Even avocados like to be in the spotlight sometimes. As you embark on this coming conference season, be sure to take the time to have fun as you're out and about, speaking on topics that you're passionate about and taking time to get to know your community on a more personal level.

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