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The term "community manager" is a confusing one these days. I held that title for almost a decade at various companies, learning to hide my badge at conferences, waiting to give a contact my business card until we had established a good rapport.

Why, you might ask? Because there's an odd belief that Community Managers don't actually know what they're talking about. "Nice to meet you... but I have a question. Can you find someone else who will actually know how to answer it?" was a refrain that I grew to dread. So I learned to challenge their misconceptions, asking them to pose the question to me first, proving that I knew more than enough about the inner workings of our technical product to help ~90% of the time. And the other 10%? I wasn't afraid to say I didn't know the answer... just like our engineers didn't have all the answers.

This week's issue of DevRel Weekly is surprisingly heavy on the Technical Community Manager side of things -- delving into the core of community building, the various skills that Community Managers bring to the table, what to do with community data after it's been gathered, the importance of creating a mission and vision statement for your team, and more.

As you dive into these articles, remember that we're all here for the betterment and enablement of the community. We all bring different skills to the table, each one unique and particularly effective in one way or another. Let's figure out how to work as a cohesive team in 2019 -- finding others whose strengths fill in for our weaknesses, working together for a better environment for our technical communities, and building a stronger DevRel industry as a result.

-Mary (@mary_grace)

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