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As I curated the newsletter this week in between hanging out with my friend and her two adorable girls (hence the reason it's a day late!), I kept noticing a recurring thread: a call to (re)focus companies on the customer, not the product.

Those of you who have worked closely with Product know that when you have a good relationship with the folks who create the roadmap and decide which features are coming next, you're able to advocate for your community members more openly. The new understanding you have for the processes the Product team follows and the feedback that they're looking for will give you insight into how you can help. By helping them succeed, you help your community succeed, and make it clear to everyone that your role is a valuable one.

Interested in learning how to better engage with the Product team? Check out my thread about an upcoming conference that I'm really passionate about: Empower B2B. And if you're unable to attend the conference but happen to be in San Francisco, join other DevRel professionals and Product Managers for lunch on Oct 31.

Read through the Tidbits, Tangibles, and even the Tangent in today's newsletter to learn more about how to advocate for your community to be in the front of everyone's minds. Keep advocating for them while also representing your company. It's a tough balance, but I believe in you! As always, hit reply if you've got any questions or if I can help in any way.

-Mary (@mary_grace)

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