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Building a community is no small feat, but the work doesn't end once you have 50, or even 5,000 people. If anything, the real work is just beginning. Now that you have people paying attention, you have to keep them not only excited and interested in the information you're distributing, but engaged with you, with your company, and most importantly with each other. It's this engagement that truly creates a "sticky" community and keeps people coming back.

But what happens when that engagement dies down? Let me clarify: every community ebbs and flows, but what about when it ebbs and doesn't come back to "flow"?

There are a number of solutions, from re-engagement strategies to completely shuttering the community. But what most people don't realize about engagement is that the companies who seem to handle it effortlessly do so because they've prepared for every possible scenario. They have the right people in the room, they've clear on their mission, and they're equipped to fan the flame should the conversation start to die down.

This week's newsletter offers a variety of articles on engagement, from the community commitment curve to how to engage the users who notoriously don't engage. I hope it's helpful as you strive to engage your own communities!

Speaking of engagement... there's one reason why this week's newsletter is so delayed. If you've been keeping up with me on Twitter, you'll know that this past Thursday & Friday was REdeploy, the conference that I've been planning alongside J. Paul Reed. I anticipated being able to send out the newsletter per usual (turns out, I was wrong) and then with the added enagement of the conference, wasn't able to get to it on Thursday or Friday evenings either. I took my own advice and took Saturday almost completely off to recover... long story short, the conference was an incredible time of conversation, the newsletter took a back seat temporarily, and we're back in business now. Thanks for your patience!

One quick note about the next few weeks: If you're a loyal reader you know that I've been looking for volunteers to help me out over the next three weeks as I'm taking some much-needed time off and away from my laptop! I'm really excited to have some fantastic content for you from DevRel and community professionals just like yourself! Keep sending me your feedback though -- you can be sure I'll be reading it upon my return! Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer and I'll see you in September!

-Mary, @mary_grace

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After what feels like running a marathon at a sprint pace for the last 9 months, I'm off for a few weeks! I'm disconnecting from my laptop, social media, and my email. I'll be back in September and can't wait to hear all of your feedback about the guest posts that will be included in the newsletter while I'm gone. Have a great 3 weeks!

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