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It's been a difficult few weeks in the United States as divisive decisions from the Supreme Court continue to roll out. Many of us have had difficulty focusing at work and I've seen a number of people questioning whether they're burned out by work or simply overwhelmed by their lack of control over world events.

I was struggling with how to open this week's newsletter, since I'm definitely not an authority on the decisions that are being made, but wanted to share resources (hat tip to Cassidy Williams for sharing this one) and offer support (if you're struggling to find a place to stay while recovering from medical procedures, please reach out).

Taylor Barnett summed it up nicely: it's difficult to compartmentalize what's happening in the world and focus on creative work that's supposed to be positive, optimistic, and encouraging. As she says, it's important to keep your to-do list small and achievable, cancel any unnecessary meetings, and give yourself grace.

Sending hugs,
Mary (@mary_grace)
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