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This week is all about building bridges. I'm at our company retreat in the beautiful Poconos in Pennsylvania (which I'll admit is a bit of a stretch energy-wise post-Covid, hence the late newsletter this week and the lack of newsletter last week 🥴). It's such a treat to see people in person and I'm grateful for the opportunity to get to know other coworkers that I don't naturally work with on a daily basis.

There were a number of conversations online these past few weeks about building bridges as well, both between teams (cross-team collaboration is the best!) as well as community members to coworkers.

Being the "connector" or "cruise director" as my friend Amy Hermes always says is one of my favorite things about developer relations, so I appreciate the emphasis that others are giving it as well.

Speaking of making connections, if you haven't already seen the DevRel salary survey that Common Room has released this past week, be sure to check it out. It should only take about 5 minutes for you to fill it out, but it has the potential to be incredibly helpful to the whole industry!

With that... I'll let you dig into the rest of the resources I've collected from the past 2 weeks.

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