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With so much relevant industry news hitting this week, it's hard to avoid the barrage. The question is, how do we view this through a community lens and where do we go from here? In my opinion, we use the opportunity to pull closer together, learn from each other, and continue pushing to make the industry a better, more welcoming, and inclusive place for everyone.

A number of people are doing that this week, from creating Twitter lists to curating threads of awesome projects and empowering each other to be the leaders we know we can be (tell that imposter syndrome to get out of here!).

So keep your head up and approach the rest of the week with confidence. Do what you love and keep making a difference in and through your community.

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- Mary, @mary_grace

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Microsoft Acquires Github

This headline shouldn't be a surprise for anyone, but in case it is... surprise! Microsoft blogged about it, as did Github, both of which were incredibly upbeat articles (no surprise there either), but the response from the community was mixed to say the least.

There are too many blogposts, tweet threads, and news podcasts to list here, but this one from Anil Dash caught my eye. (Disclaimer: it is framed as a pitch for Glitch, but keep reading until the end...)

The bullet points toward the bottom of the article (search for "What about other tools?" if you want to skip straight there) raise good points about where Github (and other platforms) have missed the bar over the years. This point at the end of the article particularly hits home for me:

GitHub has radically changed coding in the last 10 years, and we should all celebrate this milestone for Microsoft and for the community. It’s a validation of an important idea: We don’t code alone.

We can all agree on that, regardless of where we fall of the Microsoft/Github spectrum. Thoughts & feelings? Hit reply and let me know.


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