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Without a clear business plan and budget, a community initiative is just a list of to-dos that need to be handled every day. But we tend to think that those plans are hard to write, let alone execute, if you aren't trained as a manager or director who's accustomed to the day-in and day-out of planning on an executive level.

What would happen if instead of diving into a plan head-first, we dove back into the community? Building a plan around how to address the community's needs and concerns, and then drawing lines back to the company initiatives, can be an incredibly effective way to show business value. The research done by The Community Roundtable, presented in their State of Community Management 2018 report, agrees with me here! There are a lot of other points that line up with what have been controversial conversations on Twitter lately.

Speaking of plans... I've had a series of "best-laid plans" incidents this week, the last of which revealed why the DevRel content has been seeming rather slim for the last two weeks or so. My apologies if I missed any content along the way -- I'll be dedicating some time this week to figuring out how to turn these (not-so) lovely errors into lovely content and also getting the newsletter out at a more consistent time every Thursday!

As always, I love to hear from you! Hit reply if you've got any questions, comments, or feedback, or just want to say hey! 😁

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