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Thanks for your patience with the newsletter this week, everyone! I had a lovely few days with family last week, and promptly caught a bad cold from my nieces & nephew that I hadn't seen for two years. 🙃🤪

We're a little light on content with the Thanksgiving holiday in the States, but there are a few gems to click on! In addition, I got this lovely response from Jen Wike Huger last week about how she's staying focused during this busy time:

I'm trying to stay focused by focusing on our community. Reading the names. Knowing the names. Speaking kindly, responding to everything. Asking questions, taking responses, and creating content from them to help others learn. It is a time of year full of checklists, which can be satisfying when completed but draining and depressing when stacked on top of each other with limited time. By putting more of my attention, care, and attention to detail in the people, I am uplifted and more focused on the things that bring me joy.

I hope your week brings you joy!

Mary (@mary_grace)
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