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Are we creating engagement or value? Metrics or relationships? Product-focused or people-focused? It's difficult (if not impossible) to have it both ways, and yet people still try. The business argument (which, mind you, has merit!) is that the business needs to make sales in order to keep the lights on. The community argument is that by spending time engaging with the people who might be future customers (aka the people helping us keep the lights on), we gain their trust and eventually their advocacy.

This week we dive into that dichotomy head-first. Product or person - which takes priority? Metrics or members - which one should we focus on? This is the classic question for any DevRel team trying to make a business case for the value of their work.

I usually try to refrain from promoting my own materials too much through this newsletter, but this week it's far too relevant to avoid, and also, I'm too excited to not highlight the heck out of this:

The Business Value of Developer Relations: How and Why Technical Communities Are Key To Your Success by Mary Thengvall, coming soon to a bookstore near you!

It's available for preorder now and I believe an ebook version is on its way too, but I'm confirming that with my editor. This book has been a labor of love, as many of you know, and I'm so excited to see it finally seeing the light of day! Thanks to all of you who have been a part of it, either via case studies, reviews, or promotion. There's more to come! 🙌❤️

Have a great week!
-Mary, @mary_grace

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