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Welcome back to our usual DevRel Weekly format, everyone! In case you missed it, earlier this week I released a special issue commemorating the 150th issue of DevRel Weekly. In it, I launched DevRel Resources, which includes a variety of links to resources on everything from breaking into DevRel and building a team, to collecting feedback and writing excellent documentation.

I also launched a short feedback survey to better understand how DevRel Weekly has helped you and what I can do even better in the future. Please take a moment to click through over the next few days!

Before I let you dig into the great content that has been released over the last few weeks, I want to remind you to take care of yourselves in addition to your community members. For those of you who are feeling like you have too much on your plate and you can’t take any time off, now is the time to take time off. And for those of you who are feeling some imposter syndrome, the work you do matters and is likely making a larger impact than you realize.

Mary (@mary_grace)
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