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Authenticity has been a repeating theme for me throughout this week. Why do people do what they do? Why do we prioritize things in particular ways, and better yet, who is defining our priorities? What's our hidden motivation for replying to that tweet, answering (or not answering) that email, or phrasing our question in that particular way? Or are we simply being ourselves, present in the moment and accepting of our emotions, motives, and goals?

What about the company stakes? If we're building a community solely for the sake of the people outside of our company, are we being completely authentic when we present the business value of our actions back to the stakeholders? And vice versa, if all we care about is making a good impression at the next board meeting, can we honestly say that we have the community's best interests at heart?

We often say that developers have a high b.s. meter, which means they can see through sales pitches and pick apart marketing fluff. If we turn that on its head, we could make the argument that the driving force behind building a strong community is authentic communication instead of just reaching for that next metric.

I'd encourage you to take a step back this week and look at your community initiatives from a forest view. Which ones are allowing you to be authentic with your community members and which are prioritizing selling your product over providing value for your customers?

Questions? Thoughts? Opinions? Hit reply and let me know what you think.

-Mary (@mary_grace)

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