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hi DevRel fam! It's nice to be back. 🥰 Thanks for your compassion and support over the past few weeks. Our hearts and minds are on the mend after two weeks off of work and a chance to escape into nature for a short camping trip. I'm happy to be back at work today and returning to some of my normal routines, though my heart goes out to so many in the States who are dealing with horrible air quality among so many other things that 2020 has brought our way. If there's anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to reach out.

I've heard from a lot of people recently who have said that they're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work on their plate and unsure of how to prove their value to their colleagues. As Amara Graham said recently, "...people only see the tip of the iceberg that is my role in developer relations and even improving the developer experience. I’m negotiating, defending, arguing, positioning for devs every day." Keep your head up and give yourself some grace, DevRel friends!

And when the going does get rough, remember why we do this to begin with. As Hem says, "There's always a crowd of dedicated developers who are looking forward to building great stuff. In the process, we get to learn a lot from them that helps us build a strong platform/product together ❤️ "

Before we dive into the main content today, I came across a few humorous tweets over the last few weeks and thought you all might need a laugh as well. Without further ado...

Until next week,
Mary (@mary_grace)
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p.s. For all my Australian DevRel professionals, the 2020 Australian Community Managers survey is now open! Be sure to take a moment to share your opinions and experiences today.

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