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While we may have been speculating about the downfalls of social media and social sharing platforms for some time, the news from the past few weeks has made it explicitly clear that we can't ignore them any longer. From the "Facebook Scandal" (as dubbed by BBC) that impacted 87 million users, to Slack's updated privacy policy which gives employers access to direct messages, our need to be aware is increasing by the day.

As Rachel Happe pointed out months ago, Social Media is broken, and I would argue that it's our job as community professionals to figure out a better solution. It's a big task, but it's one that we're uniquely qualified for. After all, who better than the community experts to create a platform that is safe, welcoming, and beneficial for all? That being said... as Carrie Jones reminded us last week, building a platform is not the same as creating a community.

There's a lot of great content in this week's newsletter -- lots to think about and muse over throughout this week. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to share your thoughts. I'd love to listen!

Have a great week, friends.

-Mary, @mary_grace

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